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simple, Effective Digital Marketing to help your business thrive

Hi, I’m Kristin and my team and I help entrepreneurs leverage technology to build and grow successful, sustainable businesses.

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Technology can support your business allowing you to reach more people than ever before, communicating your business’s level of professionalism, and automating repetitive tasks to free up your time…OR it can frustrate you to no end!

Kristin English Digital Marketing provides support for entrepreneurs and business owners who need help creating and executing on highly effective digital marketing strategies.

Specifically, we collaborate with businesses to:

  • Create websites that are beautiful, functional and easy to navigate so potential customers can get to know you virtually

  • Establish & maintain a consistent social media presence to enable your prospective clients to stay in the loop on what’s happening with your business now

  • Grow your email list by automatically collecting email addresses from potential customers excited to consume your knowledge and expertise

  • Stay connected with potential customers through regular email updates & newsletters

We work with business owners who aspire to create and grow businesses that improve their lives and the lives of others. If you’re ready to implement marketing technology to help your business thrive, let’s get started!

I’m an entrepreneur, soccer player, meditator, yoga and mindfulness practitioner, corporate world graduate and wellness coach who’s on a mission to help you continue building the life you love by supporting you and your business using technology. My team and I help entrepreneurs just like you figure out how technology can support them in spending more time doing what they enjoy and less on marketing activities that drain them of creative energy.